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Nutherm is a product and services oriented company, providing Class 1E components to the nuclear industry. Additionally, we provide environmental, seismic, and EMI/RFI qualification services, as well as commercial-grade dedication services to the nuclear industry.

Founded in 1979, Nutherm has established a lasting track record for responsiveness, commitment, and the reliable supply of quality products. Over the past 29 years, Nutherm has qualified over 8000 components for safety-related service in the nuclear power industry.

Nutherm provides environmental and seismic qualification testing services to comply with ANSI/IEEE/ASME requirements and Nuclear Regulatory Commission Guidelines. Nutherm’s capabilities include the following services:

  • Seismic testing meeting IEEE 344 requirements

  • Environmental testing meeting IEEE 323 requirements

  • Accelerated thermal aging meeting IEEE 323 requirements

  • EMI/RFI testing in accordance with EPRI TR-102323, and Reg. Guide 1.180

  • Irradiation meeting IEEE 323 requirements

  • MSLB/LOCA testing meeting IEEE 323 requirements

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