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  • Auditors compliment us on our robust QA program; this is the cornerstone of our business.

  • Nutherm’s business originated as a manufacturer of safety-related electric heaters. The project skills associated with manufacturing have evolved into unique capabilities as a system integrator and manufacturer of sophisticated power and control panels. Those same skills go into electrical and mechanical modifications to commercial grade equipment to address functional specifications and obsolescence issues.

  • We are responsive to emergency needs. We have utilized the local municipal airport and have worked 24/7 on many occasions.

  • We are often complimented on our documentation; we will continue to improve communications on every level.

  • We have a history of meeting schedule commitments; our 40+ years of experience gives us a realistic understanding of project management. Management oversight closely monitors expedited schedules.

  • With over 40+ years with Harsh and Mild applications have resulted in a vast library of test specimens, test procedures, technical evaluations and FMEAs. Generating qualification plans, dedication plans, and other documentation is second nature for many items that are “similar” to previously qualified and dedicated devices.

  • Our recently installed “Mega Oven” provides opportunities to save cost and schedule while minimizing the risk of failures for thermal aging and operability testing.

  • Our new tri-axial seismic table enables larger payloads, higher accelerations, improved turnaround time, and cost savings for seismic testing and evaluations.

  • A recent upgrade to our electrical load bank increases and improves our testing capacity.

  • Nutherm has recently invested in additional real-estate. Additional upgrades, process improvements, and storage/warehousing needs are possible and can be evaluated.

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