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Nutherm provides a full array of qualification and dedication services for new and replacement parts to support the nuclear industry and manufacturers.


Our qualification services include seismic qualification as well as mild and harsh environmental qualification programs. These programs include testing and analysis in accordance with IEEE STD 344, IEEE STD 323, and equipment specific standards.


Also, we are experienced with complex testing, such as EMI/RFI testing, isolation testing and short circuit withstand testing of the equipment we provide. Where similarity to a previously qualified specimen cannot be established, well-equipped Nutherm testing facilities and resources provide a ready solution.  Capabilities include thermal aging ovens, HELB/LOCA chambers, high power AC and DC sources and large inductive/resistive load banks for equipment such as motor starters, contactors, and circuit breakers during baseline/functional tests, cycle aging, operability tests, and accident tests.. A wide variety of sensors, meters, and recording equipment are available to monitor and measure critical characteristics throughout any test program, no matter how sophisticated.


Nutherm also maintains a large library of test specimens and qualification reports on commonly used components. These specimens and reports frequently allow rapid verification of similarity such that short turn-around response to utility needs is possible. When in need of qualified or dedicated parts, keep Nutherm in mind. We will provide the quality of parts and documentation you need at a reasonable cost.

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