Nutherm’s capabilities include the following services:

• Seismic testing per IEEE 323, IEEE 344

• Environmental testing per IEEE 323

• Accelerated thermal aging per IEEE 323

• EMI/RFI testing per EPRI TR-102323

• Irradiation per IEEE 323

• HELB/MSLB and LOCA testing per IEEE 323

• FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy)

• TGA (thermal gravimetric analysis)

• Flammability Testing per IEEE-383

• Specific Gravity of Rubber ASTM D792

• CMTR (Certified Material Test Report) on Metal

• Isothermal Tensile Elongation

• Pressure Drop Testing

• Silver/Gold Plating Thickness Verification

• Dedication services in accordance with EPRI NP- 5652 Guidelines and the appropriate ANSI/IEEE/ASME standards.

For more details on our testing capabilities, as well as modification services, please download the below brochure.