Nutherm has resources available to assist you concerning GE Industrial Solutions obsolescence issues.  As many of you know, GE has recently removed some key products from their product offering.  Products include switches, relays, and terminal boards used in the nuclear industry.

If you have any specific needs for GE replacement parts please feel free to contact us with your current GE parts list. We will be happy to work with you to identify new solutions. 

Obsolete GE Parts

Product Prefix
TEC Mag-Break Motor Circuit Protectors TEC36003, TEC36007, TEC36015, TEC36030,TEC36050, TEC36100, TEC36150
Control Power Transformer 9T58K0000G24, 9T58K0048, 9T58K0504G30, 9T58K0507G30, 9T58K0507G37, 9T58K1804, 9T58K1805, 9T58K1806, 9T58K1806G18, 9T58K1807, 9T58K1808G18, 9T58K2803, 9T58K2805, 9T58K2808, 9T58K2809, 9T58K2810, 9T58K2815, 9T58K2808, 9T58K2824G18, 9T58K2907
Photoelectric Switch CR174J
2940 Pushbutton Series CR2940, CR2941, CR2942, CR2943, CR2944
Miscellaneous Parts/Pieces CR105X
Vane Operated Limit Switch CR115A
Limit Switch CR115E
Snap Acting Limit Switch CR115B
Overload Relay CR124, 124C, 124D, 124E, 124F, 124G
Pushbuttons CR103C, 103J
NEMA 120 Relay CR120A, 120B, 120C
NEMA Terminal Boards CR151A, 151C
Solenoids CR9500, CR9503
Lighting Contactor CR260L, Relay CR2810 CR260L, 2810
360ML CR360ML
Drum Switch CR102A