DoD Network Design

Communications networks are the core that support today’s missions. Availability, security and performance of these networks are high priority goals for everyone, but how do you get there? How do you upgrade your existing network with minimum impact on users? What known factors will derail your project? How do you prove your design’s capabilities?

Nutherm Networks specializes in design and implementation of secure network infrastructure. Our project model is designed to deliver large scale networks with a minimal impact and a maximum of performance. Take a look at our services then choose Nutherm Networks for your next network.

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Site Survey

Site Survey of environmental, structural and existing equipment. Get your project started right.

  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Structural
  • Infrastructure
  • Bandwidth
  • Protocol
  • Memory
  • CPU
  • IP usage
  • Network discovery
  • User count
  • Existing equipment
  • Physical security


Design and Documentation

Design and Documentation is the roadmap to successful implementation and management. Everything from best practices to CAD.

  • Open and proprietary protocols
  • Scalability, redundancy and fail-over planning
  • Vendor qualification and selection
  • Microsoft Office, Visio, CAD and open document formats
  • Dedicated, certified CAD operator
  • Certified Network, Electrical, Mechanical, Nuclear and Professional Engineers on staff
Equipment Staging

Equipment Staging will complete the maximum work before going on-site. Less work on-site makes less impact on users and a high impact on costs.

  • Pre-assembly
  • Recycle shipping material
  • Consolidate shipping containers
  • Labeling (UID, RFID, Standard)
  • Single shipment to site
Immersion Lab

Immersion Lab confirms that latest feature is working right. Don't let DOA hardware and configuration bugs cause additional downtime on-site.

  • 5000 ft2 lab with 1600 amp 480V, 240V, 208V, 120V AC and DC power
  • Subset and full design testing
  • Performance baseline
  • Load and reliability testing
  • Training
  • Staff orientation
  • Live troubleshooting
  • Witness testing
    • Virtual
    • On-site



Logistics for multiple orders, multiple vendors, multiple delivery locations. From order to install we track it all.

  • Inventory tracking
  • Government furnished equipment (GFE) redeployment
  • 8000 ft2 warehouse
  • Cargo/shipping facilities
  • Centrally located in the mid-west

Installation on time and with minimal impact to users. Knowledge and experience to complete the most difficult installs.

  • Turn-key installations
  • Fast cut-overs
  • On-site engineers
  • Experienced technicians - not temporary laborers
  • Emergency on-call engineer for troubleshooting
Project Management

Project Management leveraging technology to keep on schedule. Issue and progress tracking in virtually real-time.

  • Engineering design database
  • Electronic issue tracking system
  • Daily status statistics and reports
  • Cutover scheduling
Live Testing

Live Testing proves a successful product. Redundancy and performance are the keys to end user satisfaction.

  • Simulated outages
  • Performance testing
  • Feature testing
  • Redundancy testing
  • Fail-over testing