About Us



Nutherm International, Inc. established in 1979, is dedicated to providing 1E products to the nuclear power industry and network solutions to the DoD.  Nutherm's 1E products have evolved to include electrical power distribution equipment, control and instrumentation panels, instruments and instrumentation systems and over 8000 qualified parts and assemblies. While Nutherm remains committed to the nuclear power industry, we have expanded our markets to include heavily-engineered, custom-built, electrical panels, instrument panels, and distribution equipment for non-safety related applications.

Nutherm's DoD network design team is currently supporting the Netcents II, Connections II and IMOD contracts.

Nutherm nuclear projects involving qualification and dedication are accomplished in accordance with IEEE seismic, environmental and equipment specific standards, as well as EPRI and NRC guidelines. Nutherm uses a combination of test, analysis, audit, and inspection to meet the requirements of each nuclear 1E project.

Nutherm excels at fulfilling special distribution, control, and instrumentation panel requirements. High withstand ratings, large interrupting ratings, special gutter accommodations, and unusual space limitations make Nutherm the manufacturer of choice for such panels.

Our commitment to quality and service is also why we have successfully completed over 4,000 projects for power plants in the United States and the world. Completed projects range from supplying a few parts to multimillion dollar Class 1E motor control center and switchgear projects.